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You’re doing it again. Right now. Just get out of your head and be in the fucking moment. Look at his face. Now you’re thinking about how you’re not in the moment — the fucking fantastic moment that is currently happening. Stop it. His face. Jesus Christ. How the fuck did you manage this one? He is so great. You’ve done well before but this is a true accomplishment. You’ll probably eventually fuck it up but don’t dwell on that or how it will likely destroy you. Be optimistic for once. Maybe you’re in a coma and this is all a projection. You’re insane. Moment. Face.

"What? Oh - tap water is fine, thanks."

Remember that time I was in Big Freedia’s “Mo Azz” official video because they shot it during at an event during DC Pride? Yeah, I don’t really remember it either but someone sent me the screenshots to prove it. 

But the more I made new friends, the clearer it was to me that no one is ever really done making new friends, and very few people are averse to it. I used to assume that people ALREADY HAD THEIR FRIENDS, but that’s almost never the case. Even when people seem to be busy and social, they’re often very open to getting to know someone new.

Ask Polly: How do I make friends in my late 20s? // The Cut

The first AP over at NYMag’s The Cut, and she absolutely knocked it out.

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